• Arlecchino in movimento, Stanzani Emilio, expo 1954
    Arlecchino in movimento
  • Girl on a Late-19th-Century Swiss Balcony, Pablo Bronstein, expo 2014
    Girl on a Late-19th-Century Swiss Balcony
  • Rhythmus im Raum, Bill Max, expo 1954
    Rhythmus im Raum
  • Geknickte Raumschichten, Witschi Werner, expo 1962
    Geknickte Raumschichten
  • Pneuma Somnabule, Seiler Kerim, expo 2009
    Pneuma Somnabule
  • Nastagio’s Itinerary, Prinz Gholam, expo 2014
    Nastagio’s Itinerary
  • E1, Duarte Angel, expo 1970

Foundation Swiss Sculpture Exhibition

Members Of The Board Of The Foundation

  • Glenda Gonzalez Bassi (Councillor and Director of Education, Culture and Sport, City of Biel/Bienne) President
  • Beat Cattaruzza (Graphic artist, Biel; Representation Art Association Biel/Bienne) Vice-President
  • Céline Guibat (Architect, Sion and Zürich) Member
  • Julien Steiner (Vice-Chancellor, City of Biel/Bienne) Member
  • Lars Mischkulnig (Architect, Biel/Bienne ) Member
  • Laura Arminda Kingsley (Artist, Zürich) Member
  • Liv Torresan (Burgergemeinde Biel, Biel/Bienne), Member