Le Mouvement


July 4th and 5th 2014

Salle Farel, Oberer Quai 12, City of Biel

The three-part exhibition Le Mouvement touched upon a variety of inter-related topics and issues. These included the nature and uses of public space; sculpture in public space; the individual and shared body in public space, both static and in movement; and the relationship between the body and sculpture.

Thus, the symposium brought together a variety of art historians, theorists, curators and artists to discuss the many points of interest contained in Le Mouvement, not so much with the aim of buoying up a specific argument, but rather of harnessing the knowledge of several disparate disciplines toward a greater and more nuanced understanding of the subject of art and performance in public space.

With the participation of Bojana Cvejić, Gianni Jetzer, André Lepecki, Gabriele Klein, Natasa Petrešin-Bachelez, Hans Rudolf Reust, Peter J. Schneemann, Jan Verwoert and Chris Sharp.

In co-operation with the Contemporary Art History Department of the University of Bern and the Y Institute of the Bern University of the Arts (BUA)
Friday July 4
 Gianni Jetzer and Chris Sharp
Opening remarks by Hans Rudolf Reust and Peter J. Schneemann
 Gabriele Klein: 
Choreographing the City
 Jan Verwoert: 
Preceding the Here, Preparing the Now
 Gabriele Klein and Jan Verwoert:
 Panel discussion moderated by Hans Rudolf Reust
 Lunch break
 Marko Lulić 
 Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez: 
Artists’ Usages of Public Space: Between Then and Now
Marko Lulić and Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez: panel discussion moderated by Gianni Jetzer
Opening ceremony of Mouvement I
Saturday July 5
Chris Sharp and Gianni Jetzer, 
Opening remarks
Bojana Cvejić
: Dancing Alone, Private or Public
 André Lepecki: 
Topo-archi-choreo-graphic (or: The Politics of Placing)
B ojana Cvejić and André Lepecki:
 Panel discussion moderated by Chris Sharp
 Lunch break
 Ariana Reines
Alex Cecchetti
: Presentation
 Christian Jankowski
: Presentation
 Alex Cecchetti, Christian Jankowski and Ariana Reines: panel discussion moderated by Peter J. Schneemann
 Opening of Mouvement I, Kunsthaus/Centre d'art Centre PasquArt
Alex Cecchetti is an artist based in Paris.
Bojana Cvejić (Belgrade) is a performance theorist and performance maker, a co-founding member of TkH editorial collective from Belgrade, co-author of many theater and dance performances since 1996, and several books (e.g. Public Sphere by Performance, co-written with A. Vujanović, b_books, Berlin, 2012; Choreographing Problems: Expressive Concepts in European Contemporary Dance and Performance, Palgrave, upcoming)
Christian Jankowski is an artist based in Berlin.
Gianni Jetzer is an independent curator and critic based in New York. Together with Chris Sharp, he is co-curator of Le Mouvement.
André Lepecki is a writer, curator and Associate Professor at the Department of Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.
Marko Lulić is an artist based in Vienna.
Gabriele Klein has been professor for Sociology of Movement, Sports and Dance at the University of Hamburg (UHH) since 2002.
Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez is an independent curator based in Paris.
Ariana Reines is a poet, playwright, and translator based in New York.
Hans Rudolf Reust is an art critic based in Bern, and has been Chair of the Fine Arts programme at Bern University of the Arts since 1999.
Peter J. Schneemann is based in Bern, and has been Professor of Contemporary Art at the Institute of Art History, University of Bern, since 2001.
Chris Sharp is a writer and independent curator based in Mexico City. Together with Gianni Jetzer, he is co-curator of Le Mouvement.
Jan Verwoert is a critic and writer on contemporary art and cultural theory, based in Berlin.

  • Like You, Liz Magic Laser, expo 2014
    Like You
  • Drift, Trisha Brown, expo 2014
  • Untitled (Remember JK, Universal Futurological Question Mark U. F. O.), Rirkrit Tiravanija, expo 2014
    Untitled (Remember JK, Universal Futurological Question Mark U. F. O.)
  • Nastagio’s Itinerary, Prinz Gholam, expo 2014
    Nastagio’s Itinerary
  • Summer is Not the Prize of Winter, Alex Cecchetti, expo 2014
    Summer is Not the Prize of Winter
  • Bag-People, Mladen Stilinović, expo 2014
  • Trois cercles, Köppl/Začek, expo 2014
    Trois cercles
  • Striking, Tomislav Gotovac, expo 2014
  • Circle Dance, Germaine Kruip, expo 2014
    Circle Dance
  • Kunstturnen, Christian Jankowski, expo 2014
  • City Dance, Anna Halprin, expo 2014
    City Dance
  • Choreography for the Running Male, Eglè Budvytytè, expo 2014
    Choreography for the Running Male
  • Kevin and Me, Dave McKenzie, expo 2014
    Kevin and Me
  • If You Don't Want Us, We Want You, Alexandra Pirici
, expo 2014
    If You Don't Want Us, We Want You
  • The Complete Works, Nina Beier, expo 2014
    The Complete Works
  • Study of Perspective, Ai Weiwei, expo 2014
    Study of Perspective
  • Body Configurations, VALIE EXPORT, expo 2014
    Body Configurations
  • Bodies in Urban Spaces, Willi Dorner, expo 2014
    Bodies in Urban Spaces
  • Vain Combat, Douglas Dunn, expo 2014
    Vain Combat
  • Looking Up (Plaza de Santo Domingo, México D.F., Agosto 18, 2001), Francis Alÿs, expo 2014
    Looking Up (Plaza de Santo Domingo, México D.F., Agosto 18, 2001)
  • SCHAUPROZESS, San Keller, expo 2014
  • Dancer, Dara Friedman, expo 2014
  • The Pleasure Project, luciana achugar, expo 2014
    The Pleasure Project
  • At a bedroom in the middle of the night, Noritoshi Hirakawa, expo 2014
    At a bedroom in the middle of the night
  • Kissing Through Glass, Jiří Kovanda, expo 2014
    Kissing Through Glass
  • The new line, The flexible school or Trust, Alicia Frankovich, expo 2014
    The new line, The flexible school or Trust
  • Show, Maria Hassabi, expo 2014
  • Huddle, Simone Forti, expo 2014
  • A Proposal for a Worker’s Monument in Biel, Marco Lulić, expo 2014
    A Proposal for a Worker’s Monument in Biel
  • Walk, Hands, Eyes (A City), Myriam Lefkowitz, expo 2014
    Walk, Hands, Eyes (A City)
  • Around, Ulla von Brandenburg, expo 2014
  • Fotografien, Beat Streuli, expo 2014
  • SSSSSSSSSSSS, Ieva Miseviciutè, expo 2014
  • Girl on a Late-19th-Century Swiss Balcony, Pablo Bronstein, expo 2014
    Girl on a Late-19th-Century Swiss Balcony
  • Paralyzed, Klara Lidén, expo 2014
  • battlefield #95 / gaze, Leuba Jérôme, expo 2014
    battlefield #95 / gaze
  • Mortal Kombat, Ariana Reines, expo 2014
    Mortal Kombat
  • The Departure From Her Feet, Lin Yilin, expo 2014
    The Departure From Her Feet
  • N.P. 1977, Neša Paripović, expo 2014
    N.P. 1977
  • Piazza, Pablo Bronstein, expo 2014
  • Work No. 1701, Martin Creed, expo 2014
    Work No. 1701
  • Tilted Arc, Alexandra Pirici, expo 2014
    Tilted Arc
  • Reactivation (Circulation in Space), Marko Lulić, expo 2014
    Reactivation (Circulation in Space)
  • A Needle Woman, Kim Sooja, expo 2014
    A Needle Woman
  • Amsterdam Erotica, Paulo Bruscky, expo 2014
    Amsterdam Erotica
  • Heavy Weight History, Christian Jankowski, expo 2014
    Heavy Weight History
  • Crossdressing-Aktionen, Ocaña, expo 2014