6th Swiss Scultpure Exhibition Biel

M.Ziegler: Einführung


Any society's intellectual tendencies and aesthetics can be deciphered from its environment. If we could look back from the future to the present time – what would the traces look like that we have left on the world around us? Would it be legitimate to speak of a visual era? Of an environment shaped by visually sensitive people?

Looking, visual apprehension – which I would like to distinguish from mere visual registration – do not seem to stand in very high regard these days; they are not qualities that are being particularly nurtured. Neither at school nor in the workplace, and only very rarely in their own homes, do our contemporaries attribute great significance to such categories. It looks as though there was little demand for artistic expression.

It is true that artists are tolerated: usually as decorators, and as entertainers; in the public consciousness, their works are commonly regarded as objects of luxury.

But is it not the very artist who – thanks to his education, his experience, his sensitivity – is an expert in visual affairs? If this were so, his expertise would absolutely have to be acknowledged as such and he would have to be involved in the shaping of our environment.

Concluding a five-year hiatus, Biel again has occasion to present a great overview of Swiss sculptural art. The Jury have selected some 160 sculptures, objects and projects from among almost 800 registered works submitted by approximately 250 artists. Our focus has been on large to monumental sculptures that are particularly well suited for open-air display, works that have been created for a location which is accessible to the public. It seemed to us that it would make sense to present the sculptures in an urban setting, in the everyday world of the population of Biel. The medieval town of Biel has been integrated into the exhibition – not as an exhibition "gallery" but rather as an exhibit: with its well-proportioned squares and sculptural spaces, this medieval town can well be considered an artistic "object" in its own right.

In Biel we have made two attempts that shall demonstrate how we envisage the involvement of the artist in the shaping of our environment. Artists, architects and various other experts came together to create large-scale environments – we call them "Atmospheres" (Klimas). The two experiments were made on two construction projects whose regular budgets already contained an item called "artistic design". As is customary, the artists' projects had to be approved by various committees. New briefs (integration of the artist at all stages of construction; endeavour to create "art in the public realm"), and the trust placed in the artists by everyone involved have produced new solutions.

One project – concerning Biel Teacher Training School (Seminare Biel) – has virtually reached completion. With regard to the second project, only the blueprints and models for the outdoor spaces of the Vocational School (Gewerbeschule) will be available when our Exhibition opens. This part will be complemented by a documentation of further projects and realisations throughout Switzerland.

Another important part of our Exhibition consists in various events, most of which will be organised together with existing institutions from Biel.

As a special "trailer" to the 6th Sculpture Exhibition, we would like to present a small selection of fifteen works from the 1st Swiss Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition held in 1954 in the grounds of Rittermatten school. The special exhibition pays homage to Marcel Joray, the founder, and organiser of the previous five exhibitions.

Maurice Ziegler

© Translation from German, July 2008: Margret Powell-Joss

  • En Cuentro Volcado, Torres Manuel, expo 1975
    En Cuentro Volcado
  • Sunrise, Fontana Annemie, expo 1975
  • Hakencat, Travaglini Peter, expo 1975
  • Mère et enfant, Gisiger Hansjörg, expo 1975
    Mère et enfant
  • Mémorial pour une Indienne d’Amazonie, Gisiger Hansjörg, expo 1975
    Mémorial pour une Indienne d’Amazonie
  • Fanfare, Müller Robert, expo 1975
  • Cheops-Pyramide, Signer Roman, expo 1975
  • Zak, Staub Josef, expo 1975
  • Kopfgruppe, Kunz Peter, expo 1975
  • E.5.G., Duarte Angel, expo 1975
  • Objekt I, Villiger Hannah, expo 1975
    Objekt I
  • Ago con Pelliccia, Paolucci Flavio, expo 1975
    Ago con Pelliccia
  • Pavillonskulptur II, Bill Max, expo 1975
    Pavillonskulptur II
  • Einhorn, Müller Erich, expo 1975
  • Urbanocoleopter, Moser Wilfried, expo 1975
  • Monument der zukünftigen Vergangenheit, Meister Peter, expo 1975
    Monument der zukünftigen Vergangenheit
  • Figur V, Wimpheimer Willy, expo 1975
    Figur V
  • Grosser Klappwürfel, Vetter Konrad, expo 1975
    Grosser Klappwürfel
  • Säule mit Kreuz, Balmer Lorenz, expo 1975
    Säule mit Kreuz
  • Figur II, Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1975
    Figur II
  • MAL 3-teilig, Fischli Hans, expo 1975
    MAL 3-teilig
  • « Dimensionn unique » (Transmutation forme de terre) Unité II, Camesi Gianfredo, expo 1975
    « Dimensionn unique » (Transmutation forme de terre) Unité II
  • Hardsoftly – S 30, Bucher Carl, expo 1975
    Hardsoftly – S 30
  • Es ist nie zu spät für e Gartezwärg, Kunz Peter, expo 1975
    Es ist nie zu spät für e Gartezwärg
  • Fragrant piece (men, Ducimetière Gérald, expo 1975
    Fragrant piece (men
  • „In Tuchfühlung treten…“, Buchwalder Ernst, expo 1975
    „In Tuchfühlung treten…“
  • Elément, Emile Angéloz, expo 1975
  • Metallplastik, Mattioli Silvio, expo 1975
  • Die Frau und die Schlange, Wyss Josef, expo 1975
    Die Frau und die Schlange
  • Marbre rouge de Vérone, Müller Manuel, expo 1975
    Marbre rouge de Vérone
  • Hast noch der Berge ja…., Gerber Hans, expo 1975
    Hast noch der Berge ja….
  • Begehbare Raumplastik, Pedretti Gian, expo 1975
    Begehbare Raumplastik
  • Signaltor, Engler Jakob, expo 1975
  • 2-er Gruppe, Grunder Mariann, expo 1975
    2-er Gruppe
  • Der Menschenbaum, Fischer Franz, expo 1975
    Der Menschenbaum
  • Sculpture I, Brunner Gottfried, expo 1975
    Sculpture I
  • Véronique, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1975
  • Plastik auf rundem Sockel, Suter Paul, expo 1975
    Plastik auf rundem Sockel
  • Säulenweib, Meister Peter, expo 1975
  • Vorprojekt künstlerische Gestaltung Kinderspital Bern, Megert Christian, expo 1975
    Vorprojekt künstlerische Gestaltung Kinderspital Bern
  • Buluu, Huser Theodor, expo 1975
  • Sculpture II, Brunner Gottfried, expo 1975
    Sculpture II
  • Grosses Rad, Küng René, expo 1975
    Grosses Rad
  • Maternité, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1975
  • Eisenplastik II, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1975
    Eisenplastik II
  • Fläche – Raum – Ecke – Fläche (5 Platten), Stäuble Jürg, expo 1975
    Fläche – Raum – Ecke – Fläche (5 Platten)
  • Le Dix, Hächler Peter, expo 1975
    Le Dix
  • Findling II, Pösinger Franz, expo 1975
    Findling II
  • Piano rhythmique, Linck Walter, expo 1975
    Piano rhythmique
  • Sculpture, Ischi Pierre, expo 1975
  • Rhythmus im Raum, Bill Max, expo 1975
    Rhythmus im Raum
  • Objet Soleure, Müller Robert, expo 1975
    Objet Soleure
  • Redner, Fischer Franz, expo 1975
  • bild1, Armleder John Michael, expo 1975
  • Stele (4-teilig), Grunder Mariann, expo 1975
    Stele (4-teilig)
  • „Bitte kommen Sie doch …“, Brand Heinz, expo 1975
    „Bitte kommen Sie doch …“
  • Findling I, Pösinger Franz, expo 1975
    Findling I
  • Klappwürfel, Vetter Konrad, expo 1975
  • Stilleben – nature morte, Egloff Anton, expo 1975
    Stilleben – nature morte
  • Durchbrochene Gestaltung, Fahrni Samuel, expo 1975
    Durchbrochene Gestaltung
  • Eber, Probst Jacob, expo 1975
  • Forme confiante, Ponçet Antoine, expo 1975
    Forme confiante
  • bild1, Vetter Konrad, expo 1975
  • In sich verhalten, Demut Trudi, expo 1975
    In sich verhalten
  • Lozziwurm, Pestalozzi Ivan, expo 1975
  • Schyterbeige, Eggenschwiler Franz, expo 1975
  • bild1, Kathariner Alois, expo 1975
  • Saul und David, Zschokke Alex, expo 1975
    Saul und David
  • Etagère, Spoerri Daniel, expo 1975
  • Palais, Hefti Bernhard, expo 1975
  • Grosser Boss, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1975
    Grosser Boss
  • Figur IV, Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1975
    Figur IV
  • Metabolicium, Seibt Dieter, expo 1975
  • bild3, Kathariner Alois, expo 1975
  • Fluidrose, Ponçet Antoine, expo 1975
  • Neugierig, Demut Trudi, expo 1975
  • Enlacé, Torres Manuel, expo 1975
  • Segelflächen-Skulptur Nr. 3, Pfenninger Kaspar, expo 1975
    Segelflächen-Skulptur Nr. 3
  • Lieudit II, Grossert Michaël, expo 1975
    Lieudit II
  • Athéna, Berthoud Francis, expo 1975
  • Glasskulptur 75/6, Mauboulès Jean, expo 1975
    Glasskulptur 75/6
  • Eisenplastik I, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1975
    Eisenplastik I
  • Spiralen-Frau, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1975
  • Grosse Stehende, Steiger-Crawford Flora, expo 1975
    Grosse Stehende
  • PH-PH, Berger Ueli, expo 1975
  • Sitzende, Steiger-Crawford Flora, expo 1975
  • Janus-Mütter, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1975
  • Kreuzfrau, Eggenschwiler Franz, expo 1975
  • Komposition (Gegensätze), Teucher Otto, expo 1975
    Komposition (Gegensätze)
  • Werk Nr. 1503, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1975
    Werk Nr. 1503
  • Torse d’adolescente, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1975
    Torse d’adolescente
  • 1975, Brand Heinz, expo 1975
  • Danielle, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1975
  • „High-Time“ Kapelle, Siegenthaler Albert, expo 1975
    „High-Time“ Kapelle
  • Begehbare Platten, Lüchinger Thomas, expo 1975
    Begehbare Platten
  • Karyathide, Brütsch Friedrich, expo 1975
  • Nathan, Tschannen Jürg, expo 1975
  • Drahtplastik, Bodmer Walter, expo 1975
  • 1974, Kretz Walter, expo 1975
  • Eisenplastik 5, Odermatt Josef Maria, expo 1975
    Eisenplastik 5
  • Rückhalt (Relief), Schaub Mischa, expo 1975
    Rückhalt (Relief)
  • „Ist das wieder eine fatale Sommernacht…“, Weber Willy, expo 1975
    „Ist das wieder eine fatale Sommernacht…“
  • Kampf, Flückiger Carlo, expo 1975
  • Colonne BTS, Candolfi Serge, expo 1975
    Colonne BTS
  • Katharsis, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1975
  • Toro, Rossi Remo, expo 1975
  • Torse, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1975
  • bild2, Kathariner Alois, expo 1975
  • „Monsieur X“, Berthoud Francis, expo 1975
    „Monsieur X“
  • Begehbares Figurenfeld, Hutter Schang, expo 1975
    Begehbares Figurenfeld
  • Bronze-Beton-Scheibe III, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1975
    Bronze-Beton-Scheibe III
  • Selbstbildnis, Keller Gottfried, expo 1975
  • Projekt Spielplastik M 1:10, Megert Christian, expo 1975
    Projekt Spielplastik M 1:10
  • En Cuentro Horizontal, Torres Manuel, expo 1975
    En Cuentro Horizontal
  • Hermes-Brunnen, Oppenheim Meret, expo 1975
  • Löwenturm, Roth Dieter, expo 1975
  • Tinguely, Hofkunst Alfred, expo 1975
  • Holzsäule farbig, Kaufmann Walter, expo 1975
    Holzsäule farbig
  • bild1, Camesi Gianfredo, expo 1975
  • Findlingskopf, Kunz Peter, expo 1975
  • Baumstrunk, Huser Theodor, expo 1975
  • Refuge, Müller Robert, expo 1975
  • bild2, Camesi Gianfredo, expo 1975
  • Holy Gost, Kohlbrenner Beat, expo 1975
    Holy Gost
  • 1975, Brand Heinz, expo 1975
  • Isolquart, Granwehr Florin, expo 1975
  • Steinflügel, Sigrist Kurt, expo 1975
  • 3 Elemente (Reliefs), Imfeld Karl, expo 1975
    3 Elemente (Reliefs)
  • Eisenplastik 1, Odermatt Josef Maria, expo 1975
    Eisenplastik 1
  • Element 100, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1975
    Element 100
  • La Spirale, Oppenheim Meret, expo 1975
    La Spirale
  • Aldebaran, Ramseyer André, expo 1975
  • Modell zu Figur I (Mst 1:6), Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1975
    Modell zu Figur I (Mst 1:6)
  • 1974, Kretz Walter, expo 1975
  • Knochenkiste, Iseli Rolf, expo 1975
  • Objekt III, Villiger Hannah, expo 1975
    Objekt III
  • Figur I, Engel Michel, expo 1975
    Figur I
  • « Wo sich die Winde zum Spiele finden… », Hanselmann-Erne Adelheid, expo 1975
    « Wo sich die Winde zum Spiele finden… »
  • Figure Xa, Presset Henri, expo 1975
    Figure Xa
  • Windharfe, Küng René, expo 1975
  • Nostalgie (Kuh), Pedretti Giuliano, expo 1975
    Nostalgie (Kuh)
  • Chaos I, Tinguely Jean, expo 1975
    Chaos I
  • Lichtplastik, Metzler Kurt Laurenz, expo 1975
  • bild1, Nussbaumer Lorenz, expo 1975
  • Widder-Frau, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1975
  • Animus und Anima, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1975
    Animus und Anima
  • Drei Figuren, Storrer Peter, expo 1975
    Drei Figuren
  • Projet Bienne, Huber Hans Rudolf, expo 1975
    Projet Bienne
  • Gartenobjekt, Roth Dieter, expo 1975
  • bild2, Vetter Konrad, expo 1975
  • bild3, Camesi Gianfredo, expo 1975
  • Die Verschwörung, Hotz Roland, expo 1975
    Die Verschwörung
  • 1974, Kretz Walter, expo 1975
  • bild2, Armleder John Michael, expo 1975
  • 1975, Brand Heinz, expo 1975
  • Cuscino con Agio, Paolucci Flavio, expo 1975
    Cuscino con Agio
  • bild2, Nussbaumer Lorenz, expo 1975
  • Croce, Rossi Remo, expo 1975
  • Figur I, Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1975
    Figur I
  • Findling III, Pösinger Franz, expo 1975
    Findling III
  • Don Quichotte, Richier Germaine, expo 1975
    Don Quichotte
  • Barke, Egloff Anton, expo 1975
  • Die Plattform Noah’s, Gerber Hans, expo 1975
    Die Plattform Noah’s
  • Gruppe mit zwei Figuren, Aeppli Eva, expo 1975
    Gruppe mit zwei Figuren
  • Torso der Aphrodite, Hubacher Hermann, expo 1975
    Torso der Aphrodite
  • Wind – Pendelrad, Witschi Werner, expo 1975
    Wind – Pendelrad
  • Wasserorgel, Werro Roland, expo 1975
  • La Siciliana, Weiss Max, expo 1975
    La Siciliana
  • Tubs C, Huber Hans Rudolf, expo 1975
    Tubs C
  • Rythme, Emile Angéloz, expo 1975
  • Colonne BTG, Candolfi Serge, expo 1975
    Colonne BTG
  • Karyatide II, Stocker Ludwig, expo 1975
    Karyatide II
  • Figure XIIa, Presset Henri, expo 1975
    Figure XIIa