5th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition Biel

Marcel Joray

Sculpture 1970 

One hundred sculptors present two hundred works: all the works on view here were conceivedand executed in the short period between 1966 and 1970.

One hundred sculptors is a great number for a small country! Perhaps we could have raised the level of quality a notch or two by applying more rigorous selection standards. But we know how arbitrary value judgments can be with regard to art in development. A jury’s first responsibility is to select works that will endure. But at the risk of being disavowed by time jurors should also take chance with young artists who arrive with the promise of original artwork.

What is presented here, then, reflects the current trends in sculpture in Switzerland. The richness of the mix of directions and temperaments is nothing less than astounding.
If one calls to mind the exhibition of 1966 one is struck by the changed face of the current edition. Certain artists, to be sure, have remained true to their manner and serve as familiar and reassuring landmarks for the visitor. Others however, whether they have abandoned a seemingly exhausted vein or undergone one of those abrupt changes so characteristic of the modern world, are completely changed. And then there are the newcomers who, with the audacity of youth, think nothing of working in vast dimensions right from the start.
A surprising number of sculptures, mostly simple and giant forms, are covered in vivid colors. Consider them Switzerland’s contribution to a recent global phenomenon. These works have roots in both painting and sculpture. Some were made by painters who seized on them as a means to expand their color-vision into the third dimension, others are the result of a collaborative effort between painters and sculptors.
Contemporary art, like the age which it reflects, is bubbling, searching for its reflection maybe, but constantly evolving in any case.
The jury tried to select truly accomplished works and excluded projects that it deemed too experimental or not sufficiently developed. Not that these latter are devoid of interest, they just fell outside the range of our concerns. Besides, we have given some artists the possibility to create a «environment».

Even as our exhibition has become the privileged site of a four-year survey its main goal remains the promotion and encouragement of living art. It hopes to achieve this by allowing artists to present their works to the public while giving art lovers and public art funds the opportunity to support artistic creativity by buying its products.
A great number of our sculptures merit a definitive placement in the streets or parks of our cities, or at the gates of our towns. And why not along our freeways and great arteries of communication as in of Mexico City, which created for its Olympic Games a «Path of Friendship» lined with eighteen monumental works of sculpture? We admire the monuments of the past. Couldn’t we, in the present, create those of the future?
Marcel Joray
Translation French – English © Dieter Kuhn

  • 5 Säulen A.E.I.O.U., White Gillian, expo 1970
    5 Säulen A.E.I.O.U.
  • La Rencontre, Studer-Koch Rosa, expo 1970
    La Rencontre
  • Wer hat Angst vor dem bösen Wolf, von Wattenwyl Peter, expo 1970
    Wer hat Angst vor dem bösen Wolf
  • Figur 3. 69, Sieber Paul, expo 1970
    Figur 3. 69
  • Torso, Germann-Jahn Charlotte, expo 1970
  • Studie zu einem Denkmal III, Schilling Albert, expo 1970
    Studie zu einem Denkmal III
  • Komposition, Mattioli Silvio, expo 1970
  • Variable Plastik, Müller Ruth, expo 1970
    Variable Plastik
  • Schwan I, Kohlbrenner Beat, expo 1970
    Schwan I
  • Element A (15 Stück), Grunder Mariann, expo 1970
    Element A (15 Stück)
  • Para-Vent, Egloff Anton, expo 1970
  • Landender Ton, Stöcklin Eduard, expo 1970
    Landender Ton
  • Relief, Bally Théodore, expo 1970
  • Bügelform auf Dreieck (528 M), Gutmann Willi, expo 1970
    Bügelform auf Dreieck (528 M)
  • Jeux d’eau, Rossini Alma, expo 1970
    Jeux d’eau
  • Environment mit 16 Elementen, Werro Roland, expo 1970
    Environment mit 16 Elementen
  • Komposition, Teucher Otto, expo 1970
  • Bas-relief, Musy Gérard, expo 1970
  • Der Ameisenkönig, Studer Harold, expo 1970
    Der Ameisenkönig
  • Sculpure, Perrin Fred, expo 1970
  • 4 Figuren auf Socke, Demut Trudi, expo 1970
    4 Figuren auf Socke
  • Silo I, Schneider Jimmy Fred, expo 1970
    Silo I
  • Définition d’un cube par 8 prismes hexagonaux, Ducimetière Gérald, expo 1970
    Définition d’un cube par 8 prismes hexagonaux
  • Multiple-Mobile (9 Teile), Sommer Ed., expo 1970
    Multiple-Mobile (9 Teile)
  • Spina dorsalis, Lienhard Robert, expo 1970
    Spina dorsalis
  • Grosses Holzpaket, Iseli Rolf, expo 1970
    Grosses Holzpaket
  • Le Cosmos, Monney René, expo 1970
    Le Cosmos
  • Sculpture, Rouiller Albert, expo 1970
  • Richtungsweisendes, Burgdorfer Ernst, expo 1970
  • Verwandlung, Wagner Hans Ruedi, expo 1970
  • Morgen Seiltänzer alter Poesie, Burkhardt Kurt, expo 1970
    Morgen Seiltänzer alter Poesie
  • Danse, Ramseyer André, expo 1970
  • Le Bête, Berthoud Francis, expo 1970
    Le Bête
  • Forme intérieure, Emile Angéloz, expo 1970
    Forme intérieure
  • Espace à structure variable, Camesi Gianfredo, expo 1970
    Espace à structure variable
  • Fontaine hydromobile HM 570, Zeller André-Paul, expo 1970
    Fontaine hydromobile HM 570
  • Skulptur, Koch Ödon, expo 1970
  • Betongruppe, Kretz Walter, expo 1970
  • U-Pendel (Windmobile), Witschi Werner, expo 1970
    U-Pendel (Windmobile)
  • Atlas, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1970
  • Figur II 1970, Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1970
    Figur II 1970
  • Fiore sonoro, Bellini G. Paolo, expo 1970
    Fiore sonoro
  • Organisation et sphères dans un espace, Candolfi Serge, expo 1970
    Organisation et sphères dans un espace
  • Souvenir für Generäle I, Wino Kurt, expo 1970
    Souvenir für Generäle I
  • Kopf 1969, Müller Otto, expo 1970
    Kopf 1969
  • Bewegbare Plastik, Stieger Jacqueline, expo 1970
    Bewegbare Plastik
  • Figur, Fischli Hans, expo 1970
  • Scultura 1970, Paolucci Flavio, expo 1970
    Scultura 1970
  • X 0, Wenger Edwin, expo 1970
    X 0
  • Labyrinth, Sallenbach Katharina, expo 1970
  • Relief II, Gottardi Fritz Bruno, expo 1970
    Relief II
  • Evangelisti, Rossi Remo, expo 1970
  • Otok II, Wyss Josef, expo 1970
    Otok II
  • Bellissima, Weiss Max, expo 1970
  • Impossibilità di volare 1-3, Gilardi Bernocco R., expo 1970
    Impossibilità di volare 1-3
  • Randonnées fantastiques, Weber Willy, expo 1970
    Randonnées fantastiques
  • Redner, Metzler Kurt Laurenz, expo 1970
  • Sculpture 50 G, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1970
    Sculpture 50 G
  • Anona, Margo (Weber-Junod), expo 1970
  • Figur 1967, Suter Paul, expo 1970
    Figur 1967
  • Rad oder Teil eines Ganzen sein, Agustoni Paul, expo 1970
    Rad oder Teil eines Ganzen sein
  • Figur 1446, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1970
    Figur 1446
  • Figur II, Sigrist Kurt, expo 1970
    Figur II
  • Chimären, Häckel Wolfgang, expo 1970
  • Santo Grappa, Spoerri Daniel, expo 1970
    Santo Grappa
  • Forum I, Weber Denis, expo 1970
    Forum I
  • III -67 (Relief), Zürcher Arnold, expo 1970
    III -67 (Relief)
  • Raupe, Volz Hermann, expo 1970
  • Environnement, Bühler Rudi, expo 1970
  • Spiegelobjekt (Environment), Megert Christian, expo 1970
    Spiegelobjekt (Environment)
  • Réalité, Boillat Claude, expo 1970
  • 333 III, Lachat Nicole, expo 1970
    333 III
  • E1, Duarte Angel, expo 1970
  • Eléments pour environnement, Jacot Pierre-Martin, expo 1970
    Eléments pour environnement
  • Mobile I, Linck Walter, expo 1970
    Mobile I
  • Rennende (Vorstudie), Fischer Franz, expo 1970
    Rennende (Vorstudie)
  • Pokoj, Jaquier Pierre, expo 1970
  • Messing, Fontana Annemie, expo 1970
  • Symptom C (Environnement), Berger Ueli, expo 1970
    Symptom C (Environnement)
  • Physikalisches Argument, Gruber Alfred, expo 1970
    Physikalisches Argument
  • 12 Eier auf dem Rasen, Distel Herbert, expo 1970
    12 Eier auf dem Rasen
  • Grosser Rahmen, Müller-Brittnau Willy Siegenthaler Albert, expo 1970
    Grosser Rahmen
  • Figur IV, Kunz Peter, expo 1970
    Figur IV
  • Bronzeleib XII – 1967, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1970
    Bronzeleib XII – 1967
  • Dreiteilig-konzentrische Gruppe, Engler Jakob, expo 1970
    Dreiteilig-konzentrische Gruppe
  • CAT 70, Travaglini Peter, expo 1970
    CAT 70
  • Rencontre 4, Siegenthaler Albert, expo 1970
    Rencontre 4
  • Volume Nr. 14, Honegger Gottfried, expo 1970
    Volume Nr. 14
  • Receuillement griffu, Affolter André (Condé), expo 1970
    Receuillement griffu
  • Tension I, Staub Josef, expo 1970
    Tension I
  • Le Cycle éternel, Bucher André, expo 1970
    Le Cycle éternel
  • Stehender, Conne Louis, expo 1970