4th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition Biel

Marcel Joray

Sculpture 1966

For the fourth time in twelve years, Bienne is taking the pulse of sculpture in Switzerland.
The jury has chosen 174 sculptures from over 500 works submitted by 140 artists. The jurors tried to assemble the most typical works from the various currents to which our sculptors feel themselves drawn. Some visitors will be pleased to find names with which they are familiar from earlier editions of the show; at the same time there are new and unknown talents to discover who give our exhibition a more youthful face.
But the new face is also due to a completely changed setting. After the wide-open lakeshores of 1962 that were exceptionally favorable to many large-scale works but where pieces of lesser dimensions or not conceived for an outdoor setting found themselves very nearly lost, this year’s edition features sculptures that relate to architecture. Limited space was rediscovered and with it an intimacy that befits many works without getting in the way of the monumental sculptures. Here the sculptures are placed in a man-made context that is worthy of them (because the Palais des Congrès, which the architect Max Schlup conceived as an appropriation of space, ultimately turned into a remarkable work of art in its own right due to the virtues of its creator) – sculptures connected to architecture, or integrated into it, or engaged in a dialogue with it.
Two great Swiss sculptors, both recently deceased, were to be honored here: Alberto Giacometti and Zoltan Kemeny. Swiss-born with a career that tied him to Paris the former, of Hungarian descent but naturalized in Switzerland the latter. Kemeny eventually settled in Zürich and created almost his entire œuvre there. Both conquered the world and were awarded the Grand Prix of the Venice Biennial, Giacometti in 1962, and Kemeny in 1964. Their work is represented in the great museums of the world and they remain our best ambassadors. We are showing a wonderful group of Kemeny sculptures but only a few pieces of Giacometti because the Kunsthalle in Basel is currently showing an exhibition dedicated entirely to his work.
Although the exhibition is limited to Swiss artists we felt justified to include two prestigious foreign artists among the participants for important services they contributed to the arts in our country: Jean Arp, resident of Locarno and Meudon, whose generosity affords us the privilege to honor several artists with important prizes; Francesco Somaini, to whom we owe thanks for bringing our exhibition of 1958 to Como, Italy; Arp is one of the glories of 20th century sculpture; Somaini, one of the most authentic creators of the younger generation
Marcel Joray
Translation French – English © Dieter Kuhn

  • Die Heimatlosen, Stankiewicz Zygmunt, expo 1966
    Die Heimatlosen
  • Relief double, Rouiller Albert, expo 1966
    Relief double
  • Konzentration, Witschi Friedrich (Framus), expo 1966
  • L’Archange, Müller Robert, expo 1966
  • Man of war, Stieger Jacqueline, expo 1966
    Man of war
  • Turm, Megert Christian, expo 1966
  • Sunbird, Witschi Friedrich (Framus), expo 1966
  • Construction I, Frutiger Adrian, expo 1966
    Construction I
  • Braut des Hephaistos, Mattioli Silvio, expo 1966
    Braut des Hephaistos
  • Kontraktion, Volz Hermann, expo 1966
  • Torso eines Kolosses, Weiss Max, expo 1966
    Torso eines Kolosses
  • Mahopac I, Bolomey Roger, expo 1966
    Mahopac I
  • Bronzerelief, Suter Paul, expo 1966
  • Figur II, Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1966
    Figur II
  • Das Loch, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1966
    Das Loch
  • Femme, Giacometti Alberto, expo 1966
  • Buste sur socle, Giacometti Alberto, expo 1966
    Buste sur socle
  • Bronzeschild I, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1966
    Bronzeschild I
  • Femme penchée, Braus Hedwig, expo 1966
    Femme penchée
  • Vegetation, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1966
  • Les Grands Mutants, Gigon André, expo 1966
    Les Grands Mutants
  • Stele, Vögeli Walter, expo 1966
  • Rex, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1966
  • Zwei sind eins, Lienhard Robert, expo 1966
    Zwei sind eins
  • Polyvolume: colonne multi-développable, Vieira Mara, expo 1966
    Polyvolume: colonne multi-développable
  • Fig. III-65, Zürcher Arnold, expo 1966
    Fig. III-65
  • Komposition, Conne Louis, expo 1966
  • Esprit synthétique, Kemeny Zoltan, expo 1966
    Esprit synthétique
  • Tilt, Selmoni Pierino, expo 1966
  • Mécanisme de la Conception, Kemeny Zoltan, expo 1966
    Mécanisme de la Conception
  • Eisenplastik, Brignoni Serge, expo 1966
  • Kegelsäule, Distel Herbert, expo 1966
  • Das Schiff, Küng René, expo 1966
    Das Schiff
  • Variation, Saegesser Marguerite, expo 1966
  • Herbstvögel, Germann-Jahn Charlotte, expo 1966
  • Eherne Säule, Mattioli Silvio, expo 1966
    Eherne Säule
  • Skulptur I, Grunder Mariann, expo 1966
    Skulptur I
  • Gruppe, Purtschert Franz, expo 1966
  • Grand Astre, Ramseyer André, expo 1966
    Grand Astre
  • Symbole, Bianchi Paul, expo 1966
  • Endlose Linien auf 5 Ebenen, Witschi Werner, expo 1966
    Endlose Linien auf 5 Ebenen
  • Polyvolume: interruption semi-développable, Vieira Mara, expo 1966
    Polyvolume: interruption semi-développable
  • Grande Racconto Patetico, Somaini Francesco, expo 1966
    Grande Racconto Patetico
  • 38 E, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1966
    38 E
  • Farbiges Holzrelief, Bänzinger Ueli, expo 1966
    Farbiges Holzrelief
  • 38 F, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1966
    38 F
  • Eisenplastik, Brignoni Serge, expo 1966
  • Form III, Perincioli Marcel, expo 1966
    Form III
  • Formergänzung, Witschi Werner, expo 1966
  • Strahler, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1966
  • Skulptur, Koch Ödon, expo 1966
  • Tele I, Saegesser Marguerite, expo 1966
    Tele I
  • Bimbo, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1966
  • Addio, Somaini Francesco, expo 1966
  • Struttura No 19, Gilardi Bernocco R., expo 1966
    Struttura No 19
  • E. 2.A., Duarte Angel, expo 1966
    E. 2.A.
  • 1271, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1966
  • Primavera d’altoforno I, Somaini Francesco, expo 1966
    Primavera d’altoforno I
  • Nébuleuse, Ramseyer André, expo 1966
  • Stehende, Weyl Hellen, expo 1966
  • Trilogie, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1966
  • Sculpture (le rêve), Hächler Peter, expo 1966
    Sculpture (le rêve)
  • Rotor II, Fivian Bendicht, expo 1966
    Rotor II
  • Relief: Composition III, Emile Angéloz, expo 1966
    Relief: Composition III
  • Zweiteilige Skulptur, Koch Ödon, expo 1966
    Zweiteilige Skulptur
  • Orgue atomic, Schüpfer Ernst, expo 1966
    Orgue atomic
  • 166 M, Gutmann Willi, expo 1966
    166 M
  • E.12, Duarte Angel, expo 1966
  • Liegende Figur, Suter Paul, expo 1966
    Liegende Figur
  • Pour un jardin, Affolter André (Condé), expo 1966
    Pour un jardin
  • Verschiebung aus Kugel, Berger Ueli, expo 1966
    Verschiebung aus Kugel
  • L’Orgue, Müller Robert, expo 1966
  • Heureuxgraphie, Kemeny Zoltan, expo 1966
  • 165 M, Gutmann Willi, expo 1966
    165 M
  • Toro I, Fischer Franz, expo 1966
    Toro I
  • 6.6.66, Gigon André, expo 1966
  • 38 J, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1966
    38 J
  • L’Etoile, Hebeisen Ernst, expo 1966
  • Lichtskulptur, Bögli Robert, expo 1966
  • Torse, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1966
  • Gruppe 1965, Weiss Max, expo 1966
    Gruppe 1965
  • Trio version 2, Lachat Nicole, expo 1966
    Trio version 2
  • Scrutant l’Horizon, Arp Jean, expo 1966
    Scrutant l’Horizon
  • Quader I, Sallenbach Katharina, expo 1966
    Quader I
  • Etude préliminaire sur le dosage des formes dans l’image faiblement alliée avec l’espace, Kemeny Zoltan, expo 1966
    Etude préliminaire sur le dosage des formes dans l’image faiblement alliée avec l’espace
  • Stele, Mattioli Silvio, expo 1966
  • Femme assise, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1966
    Femme assise
  • Rotor I, Fivian Bendicht, expo 1966
    Rotor I
  • San Vinoco, Rossi Remo, expo 1966
    San Vinoco
  • Tête sur socle, Giacometti Alberto, expo 1966
    Tête sur socle
  • Figure debout, Mathys Marcel, expo 1966
    Figure debout
  • Roue-Forêt I, Arp Jean, expo 1966
    Roue-Forêt I
  • Gruppe III, Engler Jakob, expo 1966
    Gruppe III
  • Cerbère, Müller Robert, expo 1966
  • Hydromobile 466, Zeller André-Paul, expo 1966
    Hydromobile 466
  • Brunnentisch I, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1966
    Brunnentisch I
  • Grande Ferito, Somaini Francesco, expo 1966
    Grande Ferito
  • Kombination IV, Schneider Jimmy Fred, expo 1966
    Kombination IV
  • Vacca e toro, Rossi Remo, expo 1966
    Vacca e toro
  • Femme-peysage, Arp Jean, expo 1966
  • Proue, Ramseyer André, expo 1966
  • Exode II, Studer-Koch Rosa, expo 1966
    Exode II
  • Buon samaritano, Rossi Remo, expo 1966
    Buon samaritano
  • Zeichen, Fischli Hans, expo 1966
  • Bronzeschild I, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1966
    Bronzeschild I
  • Sterbender Krieger, Probst Jacob, expo 1966
    Sterbender Krieger
  • Entité Ailée, Arp Jean, expo 1966
    Entité Ailée
  • Aphrodite, Weiss Max, expo 1966
  • Die Meinungen, Wagner Hans Ruedi, expo 1966
    Die Meinungen
  • Skulptur, Koch Ödon, expo 1966
  • Proportion/Action/Emotion, Kemeny Zoltan, expo 1966
  • Symbol, Fischli Hans, expo 1966
  • La Chimère, Affolter André (Condé), expo 1966
    La Chimère
  • Raumgreifend, Engler Jakob, expo 1966
  • La Mort d’Heraklès, Gisiger Hansjörg, expo 1966
    La Mort d’Heraklès
  • Raum und Zeit (Entmaterialisierung auf Sprengplastik), Weber Willy, expo 1966
    Raum und Zeit (Entmaterialisierung auf Sprengplastik)
  • 1275, Benazzi Raffael, expo 1966
  • Lichtskulptur, Bögli Robert, expo 1966
  • Construction II, Frutiger Adrian, expo 1966
    Construction II
  • Obliqua, Somaini Francesco, expo 1966
  • Form mit Loch, Kunz Peter, expo 1966
    Form mit Loch
  • Trio version 3, Lachat Nicole, expo 1966
    Trio version 3
  • Vie éternelle, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1966
    Vie éternelle
  • Relief, Teucher Otto, expo 1966
  • Eremita, Selmoni Pierino, expo 1966
  • Relief, Vögeli Walter, expo 1966
  • Amazone, Bär Nelly, expo 1966
  • Nu, Giacometti Alberto, expo 1966
  • Metallreflief KU II, Staub Josef, expo 1966
    Metallreflief KU II
  • Kinetische Plastik, Berger Ueli, expo 1966
    Kinetische Plastik
  • Rilièvo, Rossi Remo, expo 1966
  • Fig. II-62, Zürcher Arnold, expo 1966
    Fig. II-62
  • 38 L, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1966
    38 L
  • Din, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1966
  • Mutter mit Kind, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1966
    Mutter mit Kind
  • Raumknoten, Egloff Anton, expo 1966
  • Cubes disposés en arabesques, Reymond Casimir, expo 1966
    Cubes disposés en arabesques
  • Torse-Amphore, Arp Jean, expo 1966
  • Marmorskulptur, Wyss Josef, expo 1966
  • Signal, Fischli Hans, expo 1966
  • Concrétion, Perrin Fred, expo 1966