3rd Swiss Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition Biel



For the third time, the city of Biel is honoured to host the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition (Schweizerische Plastik-Ausstellung). We are very happy to provide our most beautiful park forthis unique demonstration of creativity of our sculptors for we are fully aware of the magnitude of commitment which our hospitability entails. 

I hope that the number of visitors will be great even though art may never be a mass attraction. And while some works may fill some viewers with wonder, they may provoke the honest protestations of others. That is as it should be, and so the 3rd Swiss SculptureExhibition shall fulfill the same significant mission as its predecessors, which is to rouse us from a certain indifference that threatens us all in these busy times. 

I would like to offer a word of thanks and recognition to the artists and, most especially, to the Exhibition director, Dr. Marcel Joray, and his staff. Their intellectual endeavours and high organisational skills have once again bestowed a great gift upon our city.

Dr. P. Schaffroth, Mayor of Biel

© Translation from German, July 2008: Margret Powell-Joss

  • Das Liebespaar I, Fischer Franz, expo 1962
    Das Liebespaar I
  • Frau mit Guitarre, Ruegg-Leutold M., expo 1962
    Frau mit Guitarre
  • Stehende, Weyl Hellen, expo 1962
  • Geknickte Raumschichten, Witschi Werner, expo 1962
    Geknickte Raumschichten
  • Zeichen, Balmer Lorenz, expo 1962
  • Femme aux bras croisés, Meylan Alexandre, expo 1962
    Femme aux bras croisés
  • Skulptur I, Grunder Mariann, expo 1962
    Skulptur I
  • Mutter und Kind, Volz Hermann, expo 1962
    Mutter und Kind
  • Vièrge, Schindler Rudolf, expo 1962
  • La harpe animée, Linck Walter, expo 1962
    La harpe animée
  • Forme multiple No 5, Gilardi Bernocco R., expo 1962
    Forme multiple No 5
  • Pénélope, Perrin Léon, expo 1962
  • Figur, Gruber Alfred, expo 1962
  • Eisenplastik, Saegesser Marguerite, expo 1962
  • Forme entaillée, Affolter André (Condé), expo 1962
    Forme entaillée
  • Anna, Russo Giudici Irma, expo 1962
  • Steinbock, Hebeisen Ernst, expo 1962
  • Quelle Chance, Steiger Alex, expo 1962
    Quelle Chance
  • Relief I, Müller Otto, expo 1962
    Relief I
  • Frau mit Kind, Guggenheim-Weil Susi, expo 1962
    Frau mit Kind
  • Sculpture, Koch Ödon, expo 1962
  • Composition, Latour Jean, expo 1962
  • Vent Debout, Ramseyer André, expo 1962
    Vent Debout
  • Fontaine No 4, Tinguely Jean, expo 1962
    Fontaine No 4
  • Armure, Schorderet Bernard, expo 1962
  • Strahler, Luginbühl Bernhard, expo 1962
  • Grosser Akt, Weiss Max, expo 1962
    Grosser Akt
  • Vogel, Hächler Peter, expo 1962
  • Relief polychrome, Stanzani Emilio, expo 1962
    Relief polychrome
  • Orphée, Conne Louis, expo 1962
  • Amourium 1961, Kemeny Zoltan, expo 1962
    Amourium 1961
  • Volupté, Müller Frédéric, expo 1962
  • Tacchino, Rossi Remo, expo 1962
  • Cadran solaire (maquette), Gisiger Hansjörg, expo 1962
    Cadran solaire (maquette)
  • Gespreizte Kombination, Schneider Jimmy Fred, expo 1962
    Gespreizte Kombination
  • David, Piguet Gustave, expo 1962
  • Progession, Lachat Nicole, expo 1962
  • Cristalina, Rouiller Albert, expo 1962
  • Eisenplastik, Bodmer Walter, expo 1962
  • Gallina, Fontana Renzo, expo 1962
  • Grande fleur, Suter Paul, expo 1962
    Grande fleur
  • Madre e Figlio, Selmoni Pierino, expo 1962
    Madre e Figlio
  • Hockende, Uehlinger Max, expo 1962
  • Totem, Brignoni Serge, expo 1962
  • Badende, Bär Nelly, expo 1962
  • Liegende Figur, Perincioli Marcel, expo 1962
    Liegende Figur
  • Garbe, Sallenbach Katharina, expo 1962
  • Eisenplastik X, Rehmann Erwin, expo 1962
    Eisenplastik X
  • Schwebender Marmor, Fischli Hans, expo 1962
    Schwebender Marmor
  • La Rêveuse, Stürchler Albert, expo 1962
    La Rêveuse
  • Cristaile, Ponçet Antoine, expo 1962
  • Relief II, Demut Trudi, expo 1962
    Relief II
  • Sculpture en fer, Monney René, expo 1962
    Sculpture en fer
  • Elément bronze, Gigon André, expo 1962
    Elément bronze
  • Sitzende III, Braus Hedwig, expo 1962
    Sitzende III
  • Chèvre, Schwarz Heinz, expo 1962
  • Kopf, Gürtler Walter, expo 1962
  • Kariatyde I, Lienhard Robert, expo 1962
    Kariatyde I
  • Figur VIII-59, Zürcher Arnold, expo 1962
    Figur VIII-59
  • Figur II, Aeschbacher Hans, expo 1962
    Figur II
  • Réunion, Brogni Hans, expo 1962
  • Krieger, D'Altri Arnold, expo 1962
  • Sculpture, Wiggli Oskar, expo 1962
  • Wandplastik, Vögeli Walter, expo 1962
  • Aufgerichtetes Kreuz, Vieira Mara, expo 1962
    Aufgerichtetes Kreuz
  • Sportiu II, Häfelfinger Eugen, expo 1962
    Sportiu II
  • Per Aspera ad’Astra, Wyss Josef, expo 1962
    Per Aspera ad’Astra
  • Skulptur XVII, Meister Peter, expo 1962
    Skulptur XVII