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In July 2016 it was announced that the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Biel - that has taken on all thinkable exhibition formats ranging from a thematic group exhibition to a performance festival since 1954 - will take place 2018 in its 13th edition under the title «Robert Walser-Sculpture». The Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn draws on the framework of the Sculpture Exhibition in order to create a multitude of encounters, sites, sculptural events and discourses in public space around Robert Walser and his oeuvre. The Biel locals as well as the visitors are to be immersed in an intense encounter with Robert Walser and Thomas Hirschhorn over a longer span of time.

In November 2016 Thomas Hirschhorn and the curator Kathleen Bühler launched into the research phase of the «Robert Walser-Sculpture». What Thomas Hirschhorn describes as ‘fieldwork’ aims to inform the residents of Biel about his artistic undertakings and to gain insight into the happenings in and around Biel that could possibly be linked to Robert Walser, his life and the themes of his work.

For a more detailed report, please read:
-Kathleen Bühler’s report in German (PDF)
-Thomas Hirschhorn’s report in French (PDF) / English Translation (PDF)

Time table of the project: