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Sculptures on the Move : Artists

July 4 - August 30

Alex Cecchetti - Olivier Mosset

Alex Cecchetti (1976) presented Summer is Not the Prize of Winter (2012-ongoing) in conjunction with Olivier Mosset’s contribution to the 10th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, Untitled (A PAUL CEZANNE) (2000) – a recreation of a concrete plinth for a sculpture by Aristide Maillol in the Tuileries Garden in Paris and which now resembles a concrete bench. Summer is Not the Prize of Winter (2014) is a choreographed solo performance .

Christian Jankowski - various sculptures from past exhibitions

Christian Jankowski (1968) has created a new work for Le Mouvement that recasts sculpture as sports equipment: Kunstturnen (2014). He has worked with professionals to develop an obstacle course which lead from one sculpture to another across a public space. The enjoyment of art is here coupled with physical exercise – each work of art lends itself to a particular activity.

Marco Lulić - Franz Eggenschwiler

For Le Mouvement, Marco Lulić (1972) has created the video Proposal for a Workers' Monument in Biel (2014). More anti-monument than monument, this piece documents a choreographed performance around Franz Eggenschwiler’s Farbige Baumruine (1975), a monumental abstract sculpture which seems to explode upwards like a multicolored fountain.
Ariana Reines - Carl Burckhardt, Max Bill

For Le Mouvement, Ariana Reines (1982) has been paired with two works from the very first Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in 1954: Carl Burckhardt’s Der Tänzer (1920) and Max Bill’s rhythmus im raum (1954/2008). In response to this pair of sculptures, Reines has worked out the performance Mortal Kombat (2014) with the actor and writer Jim Fletcher.